window is cut off at the top, help

when i open unity, the window cuts off right above the handtool on the top left, i cannot see the top menu bar, i cannot resize or move the window, changing the monitor resolution doesn’t help, and the cursor will not go offscreen to try and grab the window.

searching on google just brings up unrelated ubuntu problems

has anyone encountered this issue before?

also it only happens with this program.


I had the same issue. The fix for me was:

[alt]-[space] then [r]

[alt]-[space] then [m]

[down arrow]

I moved the window till I could see the maximize icon on the window and when I maximized it, all was good.

hey jon, thanks for the reply

i have tried moving the taskbar to the bottom of both screens before i open unity, but it doesn’t make a difference

[alt]-[space] then [r] - for this restore is grayed out so it doesnt do anything

[alt]-[space] then [m]- this doesn’t work either, i am guessing is because the cursor doesn’t move the to blue bar uptop, here is a gif of me attempting it

Just had this problem myself. I am using a dual monitor setup with different resolution monitors. The alt-space tricks didn’t work for me. I switched to a single display and back again and this fixed it. Hope that helps if anyone else is having the same problem.