Window stuck. How can I fix it?

I was playing a unity game.
Unity in general tends to have problems with window sizes & full screen resolutions, but this time, something occurred that I never saw coming.
I have restarted, I have closed the window & re-opened it repeatedly.
The game seems to be working just fine too, I can hear the main menu music in the background & using the keyboard makes the selection noise.
But so far nothing has worked to fix this window problem.
It really does seem to be a bug in the windowed version resolution.
I cannot fix this, not unless I find the directory & even still I don't want to fiddle with the sensitive files there in fear of messing something up, as I'm only as tech savvy as I am.
What can be done?
is there a universal default image reset somewhere?

Shouldn't you contact the game developers about that instead of asking here?

I am unable to.
They only allow for direct assistance if you're the highest payer in their personal patreon.
That said, is there no directory I can go to change it manually tot he default settings?
No keyboard shortcut that allows me to change the window's size?

What's their name so that I don't buy their games?
Search your hidden folders, if you are on Windows, AppData, roaming, local, and the likes of them, and delete all the Unity ones you can find. Then restart the game.

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does right click and maximize on the title bar do anything?

alternative, check Regedit,
current user/Software/CompanyName/ApplicationName
delete all of it or those resolution stuff.


Thank you very much!
Also... You want their name? So that you don't play their game?

Very well, what file names do I look for? Something with "Resolution" in the title?

I have since managed to fix my problem, without any further loss of otherwise valuable save data.
Thank you very much, both of you.