Windowed App won't build with PolySpatial plugins added to the project

I have submitted this issue under IN-62841.

I am working on a visionOS project that has a PolySpatial implementation as well as a Windowed implementation. When trying to fall back and deliver a windowed build, the build consistently fails. This used to work in earlier versions of the visionOS/Polyspatial plugins and Unity.

There is also a related post on this discussion which seems to also describe the same behaviour for VR builds.

This can be easily reproduced using the 0.6.3 sample project, just try and build a windowed version and it will fail.

To expand as well, and as discussed in the thread above, removing the PolySpatial plugins does not fix the issue.

In the template project, if you remove the PolySpatial references in the relevant scripts and remove the 3 PolySpatial-centric plugins. The Windowed build will still fail.

Did you also remove com.unity.xr.visionos from your project? We are working on a fix for the issues reported in the other post you linked. Given this feedback, it may also be helpful to add an option to build a windowed app, but in theory you should be able to fall back to windowed mode by disabling PolySpatial and the visionOS XR loader. I’ll bring this up with the team so we can come up with a soluiton.

I didn’t!

I managed to get a windowed build using Unity 2022.3.13f1 with the PolySpatial plugins removed and com.unity.xr.visionos set to version 0.5.0. This was working on the Simulator, and when I did the Device SDK build, this didn’t error (I don’t have a device at the moment to confirm whether this actually worked though).

I haven’t previously removed com.unity.xr.visionos as I assumed this was a prerequisite for anything to work at all. Is it the case that just using the visionOS platform without plugins should generate a windowed build?

Given this feedback, it may also be helpful to add an option to build a windowed app

Yeah this would be great. I have been trying to maintain the ability to produce a Windowed build in our Build setup as we are holding out hope that Windowed apps get stereo support. In the meantime I’m also working on a PolySpatial workaround, so it would help to not need to remove the plugins :slight_smile:

we are holding out hope that Windowed apps get stereo support

Heya! Just wanted to pop in to mention that stereo support for Windowed apps is not currently in our plans, but if this is important to you, please add that feedback to our roadmap. In the meantime, we’re working on the Stereo Render Targets feature for mixed reality mode, which would allow for a “stereo window” in MR mode. Hope that provides some context.

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