Windows App - System Tray Notification

I am developing windows based app. with gaming features. I have a requirement to display system tray notification messages like in skype when users come online. I imported c# based dll but getting issues related to windows.system.forms. Not sure if i am doing something wrong here, are we supposed to reference all .net framework dlls here ?

Is it possible to import c# based windows forms dll in unity project ? If not will c++ based dll work here ? Is there any other way of doing this

Any sort of guidance will be appreciated ?

Native API [in the form of dll] can be used with unity project. But c# based forms dll can n’t be used with unity project. Whatever you want to implement just go with native API.

Unity Mono is the framework which builds to run on all the platform. [Most of the .net classes are available in Mono, but not all]. Mono doesn’t allow to access the unity forms.