windows off screen

Hi there,
I just launched unity and for some reason, the main window is off screen (mac os x 10.7.2). I can’t move it because the title bar is off screen and I also can’t re-select the layout because the selector is off-screen as well.

now what? D:

Are you familiar with the OSX environment? If you are, then you should be able to utilize Expose in order to have a graphical layout of all your open windows. By default, I believe the upper left corner will expose all your windows so that way you can select on it.

If you’re on a OSX laptop, then swipe all four fingers on the trackpad down and this should have the same effect. If these feature for some reason is not activated, go to your dock and open up system preferences, and clicked on ‘Expose & Spaces’ to modify the settings of this feature.

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In the worst case, you can delete Unity’s preferences and that will reset everything including the windows.

Ok, i found a workaround. I moved my secondary screens in the display options to a position where they would include the window titles. then i moved the windows down, changed the screen position again and then maximized the windows.

Is Unity perhaps using some undocumented APIs for window management? in a properly written cocoa app this can afaik never happen and windows always snap to a position where at least a part of the title bar is visible and available for dragging them back.

For anyone still having this problem in OS X 10.9+ (expose doesn’t appear to be in the system preferences any more): command-click the Unity icon in the dock, select ‘show all windows’, then select the offscreen window to make sure you have focus on that window. Then, in Unity, use Window–>Zoom, which should maximize the window and bring it onscreen.