Windows Standalone Issues

Hi there,

I am running Unity on Mac OS 10.5. When I build the application for Mac it works fine. However when I build as a Windows standalone, it doesn't run as expected. Everything is slow, darker, can't read text, and some textures do not appear. The Windows machine is a remote desktop connection virtual machine with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. I just installed the latest version of directX9 (as I have read that is what Unity uses). Is there something I am missing?

Thanks, Candace

The remote connection (RDP) is the problem. Try your game from a local session.

Though RDP supports Multimedia content and should work with Directx to some degree (RDP got some enhancements in the latest Win7/Server 2008 version, your (Mac based) RDP client may not support it or the interop between the versions may cause trouble.