Windows Store icon in Project Settings

I am a complete noob in programming and I’m trying to get off the ground with the MS Hololens.
I’ve just started by following the Installation checklist from Microsoft.

Looking at the Holograms 100 tutorial:

Select Edit > Project Settings > Player
In the Inspector panel click on the Windows Store tab
Expand the Other Settings group.
In the Rendering section, check the Virtual Reality Supported checkbox to add a new Virtual Reality SDKs list and confirm "Windows Mixed Reality" is listed as a supported SDK.

I don’t see the Windows Icon listed in the Inspector. Or any device other than basic OS. Do I need to have something specific checked in the installation box for Unity? Does the Hololens needs to be activated on my machine? Or the HL Emulator? Help!

I’m in the same boat!

What you need to do here is to install Universal Windows Platform (UWP) into Unity. Following steps will help you to do so.

Open Unity and go to Files → Build Settings…
On the popup window you will see a section named ‘Platform’. There you will find UWP. (If you are not a macOS user)
Click on it an then on the side you will see a button named ‘Open Download Page’.
Click on it and then it will automatically start downloading through your default browser.
Close Unity window and install UWP and then restart Unity. You will see the Windows Store Icon.

Good luck,Go to File-> Build Settings… in Unity and then under the ‘Platform’ section click on ‘Universal Windows Platform(UWP)’ and then click on ‘Open Download Page’ button. This will download and install UWP. Make sure to close the Unity window to complete the installation and relaunch Unity. Then you will find Windows store icon. :slight_smile: