[WIP][BETA] ResponsiveUI - A Visual State Manager Editor Extension for Unity UI

ResponsiveUI is an Editor Extension for Unity. It enables the building of UI layouts that can respond to changes in resolution size - such as resizing an app window. Or changes in orientation - such as using an Phone or Tablet app in Portrait mode or Landscape mode.

ResponsiveUI employs the concept of Visual States. A Visual State is a representation of a UI layout. So for example you could have one UI layout that is built to work in Landscape mode and another that is built to work in Portrait mode. In ResponsiveUI you would create two Visual States to represent the Portrait and Landscape layouts.

During play mode the run-time of the ResponsiveUI checks for changes in either orientation or resolution and switches to the appropriate visual state.

For example you've built an app initially designed for Landscape mode on mobile. Your client now insist you need to support both Landscape and Portrait modes. Use ResponsiveUI to add and edit the Portrait mode.


  • No coding required
  • Editor helpers for quickly adding or removing ResponsiveUI components
  • Support to add custom UI components
  • Provided as DLL

Platforms Supported:

  • Mac & PC Standalone
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Store Apps
  • WebGL

Other platforms may work but since we do not have access to those platforms they have not been tested. We would be grateful to know if it does work on other platforms.


How to Guide for responding to changes in Orientation:

How to Guide for responding to changes in Resolution:

Coming Soon

  • WebGL demo
  • Android build
  • Support for Animation

We are hoping to have ResponsiveUI available in the Asset Store before the end of Oct. Price TBD. Source code will be provided with the paid version.

Online documentation

Please download a preview package for your version of Unity.

Unity 5.0
Unity 5.1
Unity 5.2
Unity 5.3
Unity 5.4

For Unity 5.5 please use the Unity 5.4 package.

ResponsiveUI is still in BETA and as such is not supported for production use.

Please check it out, looking for feedback whether this package could work for you. Let us know via this forum.

Thanks! :)

Max the Cat Studios Ltd.

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Fixed download links. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Resizing Demo running on Mac standalone.

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Beta Release 0.15

  • Removed support for Unity 4.X.
  • Add Support for Animator and Animations as Button transitions
  • Fix issues with Prefabs

Unity 5.0
Unity 5.1
Unity 5.2
Unity 5.3
Unity 5.4