[WIP] Galactic Plane: a high fantasy swords-and-sorcery space opera.

Been working on this project for the last several months, and it's finally to the point where I have something worth showing.

Because why should sci-fi have all the fun? Galactic Plane is a tale of a fallen empire of interstellar dragon riders, where the party is trying to figure out what caused the empire to fall apart, how (or even if!) to restore it, and unravel a mystery that spans the entire galaxy and multiple pantheons of gods.

This is a pretty ambitious project, and my company just launched a campaign to fund it. I'll make sure to post updates here as well as over there!

Hey, don't take this as a personal attack but, If you guys are gonna ask 2.5 million USD from the public, you should at least have a high resolution logotype to use in the only image you've uploaded.