| WIP | highly photorealistic pixelated 2D/3D side scroller called RAWconcrete | UPDATE #10 |

Hi there.

We’re a small multinational indie team developing visually quite unique 2D side scroller, with emphasis on (photo)realism. It would be useful to hear opinions on the graphics, which is entirely hand drawn, no downscaling of photos, no photobashing or anything of the sort (we tried, doesn’t work in practice, too many problems).

Skipping trough the video (barely any gameplay/progression yet) would do it. If willing, let us know what you think, like it, not as much, not appealing at all? Maybe you’d like to see something, something we should add etc.?


I really liked it ! it has potential you need to work on game play detail more but ambient is really good and music is matched with environment , this game reminds me of 2000 movies which I really like! :slight_smile:

That's cool to hear. Yeah, we're continuing with gameplay implementation, barely started. We're satisfied with the atmosphere created so far but it's far from complete. Some of 90s and on movie's mood is definitely used as a reference to a degree. We're looking forward sharing the next update in few months.

i hope walking is not too slow though (or at least that you could run too)

*also, i'd buy a remake of amiga game called Damage.

Thanks! Since emphasis is on realism, the aim for walking is to be of speed as is in reality, nice and slow (though when it comes to animation, it needs improvements). Of course, running would be added.

Wow, this looks sick, and everything being hand-drawn is awe-inspiring, true talent, can’t wait to see how this progresses!

Thanks, glad you like. Yeah, our level artist is quite skilled.

I like it alot, very origional concept/graphics, had to keep watching it all, lol. Nice job guys, my opinion is just keep going :slight_smile:

We're very glad you think so. Keep going we will and hopefully release the properly finished demo eventually.

Looks good but something about the walk animation is off. To me it looks as though the lower half is leading the upper. Like the upper half of the torso has to catch up with the legs. Or maybe that the legs are bent a little...

Perhaps its just my crappy monitor at work.

Thanks for the feedback. No, it’s the animation, isn’t exactly finished, needs various improvements. Almost all character animations atm are just decent enough, some more some less, mostly less. Later on we’d get back to them and what is necessary to fix will be fixed. What can pass for the DEMO (just needs to be good enough to capture the imagination) we’ll leave.


I agree then, for a demo, it is incredible work, well done.

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A beautiful start!

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