[WIP] Robogramming - online board game about programming and robots.

Hi, I am developing a game similar to the board game RoboRally.
You control a robot by playing programming cards for the round consisting of 6 steps and your goal is to visit all checkpoints on the map in the correct order.
I improved the original concept, by changing to hexes from just squares, so there are now more movement options and more things to plan.
The game already has playable levels and I test it online with my friends sometimes, please write me if you are interested in testing. I use Photon as my networking solution.
And here is my devlog about development. Would be glad to hear what people are actually looking for in gamedevlogs, so I can provide you info that you want to hear.


The way you format your enums is not very readable.
Generally it is a good practice to have them in column not in a row.

Anyway good luck with your vlog.

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Devlog part 2. Small improvements, new level, new placeholder graphics.


Devlog 3. Mostly graphics and fixes.