[WIP]UNET Multiplayer FPS (Authoritative Server, Client Side Prediction, Lag Compensation)

Hey guys,

I am currently working on a Multiplayer FPS and I plan on releasing it on the Asset Store (I will probably submit it within the next two weeks).

The features on the release date will be the following:

  • Authoritative Server: The Server keeps track of all the player actions and makes all the important decisions.
  • Client Side Prediction: to make the player’s input feel more instantaneous, while the server is controlling the game flow.
  • Lag Compensation: Every player will have a different connection and therefore a different ping. To give everyone a nearly same experience, you need lag compensation
  • UNET: u won´t need any third party networking asset.
  • Two different game modes: Team Deathmatch and normal Deathmatch
  • Spectator Cam: Like the ones you are used to see in Call of Duty
  • Only VERY simple models and animation as placeholders
  • Support for basic weapon Types: Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol
  • Documentation: In addition to a well documented code, text und diagramms will explain all the concepts to you.

I will upload a video next week which will show the template together with the FPS Weapon pack from Bümstrüm / (i love all his assets).

After the initial release I will continue to develop this kit and I will setup a poll system, so that you can decide on which feature I should work next on.

Examples for things to come might be:

  • advanced recoil system
  • singleplayer option
  • other game modes
  • more supported weapon types

Everything is written with simplicity in mind so that you can extend on this template yourself and build awesome multiplayer games.

I havent decided on a price yet, how much would you be willing to pay for this asset?


Did you ever complete this and get it to the asset store?