[WIP] Visual Transform Changes Debugger - view/replay all transform changes - frame-by-frame

I wonder if you also run into a frustrating issue where transform misbehaves (say moving/rotating not in the way it should) - just to spend much more time on it than you thought it'd take?

I've been toying with the idea of creating a visual transform debugger tool that can show me:
- all transform changes (position/rotation/scale) to specific objects on a frame-by-frame basis
- calling instance object and script as well as calling method
- preview historical frame changes to help isolate an exact frame, script and calling instance where issue occurs

And allow me to somehow affect execution at runtime (without recompiling) so I can quickly see if skipping specific changes is helping.

Managed to put it into a POC and now I'm looking to get some feedback on it, if you have 4 minutes spare can you please have a look at the video?

I'm very keen to understand if:
- It's an issue for you as well?
- If so do you think an approach from the video would help?



Apologies I think this been created in wrong forum by mistake, if better suited to 'Work in Progress -> Tools In Progress' can I please ask a moderator to move. Thanks