[WIP] Winter shaders


Hello Unity Community

The Winter Shaders package is out and gives you shaders to build any great winter or very cold environment. It is composed by Snow materials with multiple properties and a Frost camera effect. You can also use the snow materials for snowy ice due to the translucency and reflection effects.

For more information you can visit the Unity forum thread.
Unity: Forum Thread

I am currently working on winter shaders. This package will contain shaders specially for winter scenes.
The focus is made on snow and ice, which mainly appears in winter... or in geographic zones where polar bear and penguins lives.

For the moment I am working on the snow shader and there are still some things to do like handling lightmapping, refining glitter and specular, etc...

Snow shader : Demo preview

  • BRDF shading with texture lookup
  • Glitter color maps controls
  • Specular Shininess controls
  • Normal maps
  • Subsurface Scattering with approximated translucency control

In progress :

  • Blending

Ice shader : No Demo preview

  • Coming soon.

Thanks a lot.

Looks pretty snow-like :smile:

Thanks ! I hope so, even if I can make some improvements. :wink:

this looks awesome will it have mobile support?

very nice snow shader, what would really make it worth buying is some vector based masking, so you could apply the shader to any object and the upfacing normals will be covered in snow, or if you have wind in your scene you could mask it together with the windvector. there are tons of videos for UDK for this, i could get you a link if you can’t find any.

I was thinking "Looks Nice!"

Then the Music Started...

Why do you play with my emotions? D: (jk)

Thanks a lot ! Yes, I am working on mobile support.

Thanks, I totally agree with you. I’ve implemented a simple masked shader based on a vector direction, like wind for example, but I want to go further by mixing snow and other surface normals like rock or anything else.
I’ll be glad to look at your links.

Haha, I was thinking that this music fits very well with a small snow demonstration. To be honest, I didn’t saw Edward Scissorhands :sweat_smile: but I really like the soundtrack !

sure thing

Please sell me this! : D I’ve been trying to get decent looking snow for ages and this is probably the most realistic snow I’ve seen in real time.

Thanks a lot, I have to refine some properties. It’s just a matter of time. :wink:

Fantastic looking snow, all it needs is footprints :smile:

The demo only Shows a black Screen here.

Yep I thought about that :slight_smile: but I think it’s more linked to a decal behaviour.

Do you hear the music ? Do you see the GUI ? What is your configuration ?

As @Airborn-Studios suggested, I am currently working on vector blending to simulate falling snow.

Hello everyone !

As suggested, here is a first integration of a blending shader with one color and a sub-material. As you can see this shader is not yet linked with the snow shader but I am close :smile:

The good thing with this shader is that you can put any type of sub-material. You have the possibility to define a direction vector and, of course, to control the blending. Blending can be made according the Normal map or Displacement map. I will precise the functionalities of the shader when it's done.

Color Blending shader with Bumped Specular sub-material

Thank you !

Looks very good.
Would like to use it for a ski game...

like it! and cool demo setup. now must build my snow man

great work man.