With Unity 5 free can we add our own splash screen for Windows Store builds?

In the release notes, under iOS it says:

•An animated splash screen with a
Unity logo is shown for non-Pro
license users by the engine itself.
Static pre-splash screens can be
customized by all users

When I build for Windows Store, I can easily (no hacking DLLs/etc required) set a few different size Splash Screen images in Visual Studio. Is this allowed? In v4 it sure seemed okay, because the custom splash screen is just shown for a brief moment while Windows starts your app, then after that the Unity logo is shown for a few seconds while Unity initializes… so seems like Unity gets plenty of credit.

With v5… it does still show the animated logo, after my splash image, so I’m thinking this is also okay? Except, the animated logo isn’t shown very long at all, very brief, almost like a bug or something (less than 1 second).

I surely don’t mind giving credit, Unity is awesome to give so much away for free, but the default Unity splash screen is kind of ugly (IMHO) and only includes one size (I think that’s the reason it doesn’t look that great). The new animated logo looks much better, I guess because it loads in the engine, so for sure I don’t mind showing that one.



Yes, you can do it in Unity 5 too. It
will still display Unity’s
splashscreen anyway while loading the
first level if you’re on personal
edition license. And it shouldn’t be
long at all either, just a couple of
seconds. Basically it’s the same as

-Tautvydas Zilys @ Unity Technologies