Word Wrap forces font to revert to default settings

Hello Everyone, In my project, my game displays text in a GUI box through use of a GUISkin. Everything is working fine, and all my font settings are being applied normally, except for one thingas soon as I turn on Word Wrapping, the font reverts to the Unity defaults. The words wrap nicely, but text size, style, etc. poof gone. When I turn off word wrapping, poof all my custom settings return, but of course the font doesn't wrap when exceeding the bounds of the GUI box.

This is very frustrating. Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


I've discovered that explicitly setting your style's font face prevents word-wrap from trampling your other font settings. Try importing a font asset and assigning it as the font face for that style.

Seems like a bug to me!

A huge helpthanks!