Word Wrapping!? I dont get it!

So I got some text inside a gui box that is taking up way to much space so I tried to look up what to use to make it fit automatically so I dont have to use a lot of
in my strings! (Also I want to add so players can add in theyre on strings)

What I found was world wrap! I tried look around on how to use it since I didn’t understand how to use it by just reading the docs but never really found out! If someone could post some examples and tell me how to implement it in different projects!



Well, wordwrap is simply a setting for your GUIStyle. All GUI elements are drawn by using a GUIStyle. Which one is used depends on what GUI element you use (button, label, box, …) and if you pass a custom GUIStyle as parameter. In any case if you want to change the default skin, you should create a custom GUISkin and define a style that fits your needs.

Here’s a general introduction into the GUI system: