[Work-In-Progress] Building Creator Tool: build low poly buildings in minutes. Feedback welcome.

Building Creator:
Create buildings easily in a few minutes right in Unity.

Video (30 seconds)


Main Features:
- Create buildings very quickly.
- Build skyscrapers or residential houses with the same tool.
- No need to use a 3D modeling tool.
- No coding required.
- Source code included.
- Buildings have colliders set up automatically.
- Buildings have Unity LOD interiors, unload
- Very low poly, all flat surfaces.
- Buildings generate between 10 - 50ms.
- Consistent thickness of items, walls are 10cm thick.
- Add custom doors (1mx2m)
- Modify building edge profile.

- All buildings build on 1x1 meter squares.
- No diagonal walls.
- Floors are all 3m in height.
- No complex wall profiles.

Roadmap (Near):
- Allow custom scripts execute upon creation of rooms, buildings.
- Custom floor height for each.
- Custom stair generation.
- Custom door heights (above and below 2m).
- Generate yards and roads.
- Two level interiors (open to the floor above).

Roadmap (Far):
- Diagonal walls.
- Curved walls.
- 10cm grid instead of 1m grid for walls.
- Non Square rooms.
- Complex pillars and facades.
- Crazy roof styles, arched, barrel, etc.

2 Story Building Creation (1.5 minutes)


Colliders inside a building

I found creating buildings extremely time consuming when using blender. For a project I was working on, I needed exact measurement buildings, where the building walls were 10cm wide so I could snap in other furniture and objects without worrying about clipping.

So I created this asset and will be selling it on the Asset store within the next few weeks. It is designed to remove all the hassle of creating buildings (both interior and exteriors) in another modeling program. The buildings even generate box collider for the walls, so when you create a building you will be able to run into it immediately.

A lot more could be said, but I'd like to get some feedback on this.
What would you like? What do you need?

Can you replace the walls, windows, doors with meshes of your own? Is it possible to use more ornate meshes for windows (such as ones with frames, glass,etc)?

The doors can be replaced with meshes of your own. They are just a 1m wide by 2m high prefab. Since windows are variable, I wrote a script to generate them of any size. I intend to give more flexibility in the window generating in the future.

In the second or third update, I am going to make the windows look better (adding frames and sills for example). They are currently very boring.

Walls are set in stone. But you can apply any type of material to them to make them look different. Sometime down the road I may add an option to give the wall a profile (so you could have baseboards and crown molding for example).

Thanks for the question!

I suggest you consider treating windows something like a "9-slice" image. That is, let the user hand you a mesh, but you stretch it into shape by moving all the vertices in the top-left quadrant up and to the left, vertices in the top-right quadrant up ant to the right, and so on. This will keep any corner molding intact, while stretching the middle part as much as needed to fit the window.

You could probably treat door frames and wall sections the same way, so baseboards and crown molding could be built right into the wall model. And it'd all be very easy for other artists to work with — they just need to model a 1x1 (or whathever) version of their wall/door/wall, and your tool does the rest.

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Wow. That is actually an insanely good idea. Hadn't thought of that. That will be in the second or third update for this asset. Will do the same with doors as well. Window will be first though.

The only different type of walls I can think of would be ones with wainscoting or baseboards. Can you think of a style of wall that is different along a section that would require 9 section. Corners would be covered by the next wall section intersecting with the previous corner wall. I think a 3 section profile would suit wall generation.

The major issue which I will have to solve with walls is mapping UVs to complex surfaced walls.

Thanks for the idea, its awesome :).

Hmm, you're right, walls are something of a different case. The tricky part there, it seems to me, is an outer corner. Here you might have molding or other decoration along the top/bottom, that would need to extend out just far enough to meet up with the adjoining wall.

So, you could probably handle that with the 9-slice approach, but you may have a better idea. There's certainly more than one way to skin that cat. Perhaps corners (inside and out) should be entirely different models, so your wall sections are just 3-slice straight pieces, and then you append a corner section that you wouldn't have to morph at all. This would let artists put additional interesting decorations on the corners, if they like.

And you're right, UVs will be a bit thorny. Hmm. For extending in width, I'd be tempted to just assign u values that are a linear function of the distance from the left side of the wall. Then the texture can repeat as many times as it needs to for the wall length. But you probably have a clearer idea of that than I do!

For what it's worth, I love procedural generation (or if you like, configurable geometry). I use it in High Frontier all over the place. I don't have any immediate need for a building creator, but I love what you're doing anyway... and I certainly will buy your asset if the need ever arises!

If you look at the building lip generation, I've already solved two profiles meeting at an outer edge. No problems there.

Currently the UVs are just stretched and tiled from 0m to 3m height of the wall. Will have to solve that later though.

Glad to hear you are interested. I'll pm you anyways when I get up on the on the asset store so at least you'll have the link for later use.

Your game looks awesome, but I am not going to buy it. Not because I don't want to, but because Kerbal took a year of my life cause it was so awesome.

Thanks again!

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