Work in Progress Template

If you’re unsure how to format your thread, we have this template below that you can work from initially. There aren't any restrictions on how you should format your projects thread however we have must haves and recommendations worth having.

A thread title that suits your project and describes what it is.

In your actual thread post you want to engage other users. A wall of text isn’t appealing and you will unlikely get much feedback.

Must have:

  • Project Title
  • Summary of the project/asset/tool -

  • one paragraph that includes what your project is in a concise, clear, communicative way. THINK SALES PITCH

  • Visual media to showcase your project. (At least one)

  • Youtube video embedded

  • JPEG/PNG images

  • Gifs

  • External links if you can't embed (E.g. Audio examples)


  • Resources - External content outside the forums.

  • Social media

  • Blog

  • Github

  • Website

  • Etc..

  • Latest Updates:

  • Latest update text or video/media showing it off (embedded video or gifs)

  • Feature List:

  • Current features

  • Roadmap for the project:

  • Plan for the project, what you're working on or aims are with the project.

  • Feedback you want:

  • Why are you sharing your project, what kind of feedback would you appreciate?

  • Specific feedback requests regarding a new feature.

We also recommend checking these projects threads as they showcase a pleasing layout that displays information regarding the project.