Work on 1 project with 2 computers on local network at the same time?

Hi, I work on unity projects on a Computer and I want to use my laptop to edit the scripts.
My project is located on my PC’s hard drive.
I can edit textures, models from my laptop through the local network and it works fine.
But when I open the solution on visual studio I get errors and the intellisense does not work.

What Do I Do?

Visual Studio says something like : The projects can not be trusted.
I searched and I installed the Microsoft .NET 1.1 Wizard and It didn’t Work.
I really need the intellisense work and I searched a lot and I didn’t find the answer.

Please Help Me, Thank You.

By far the easiest solution to this would be to create a private git repository for your project, use a suitable gitignore file like this one, and just make sure you’re not editing the same files from different locations between commits.

Github has a learning curve but it’s easier than ever due to Github Desktop GUI. And eventually, if you want to take gamedev serious, you will not get around using a versioning solution

Use Unity Collab, it’s built in, go to services tab to enable.

From the error it sounds like Visual Studio is treating the folder as if it came from the web and does not trust it. Not sure what version of VS you are using, however, here is an article on setting up trust settings in VS 2019. Trust Settings for files and folders - Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Learn