Work on project without Unity editor

I’d like to be able to work on my unity project at work during my down time. I created a git repo,now cloned it but am having a few problems.

First I couldn’t open the actual project, no sln file is generated to open the project directly (although on my home pc I can open it from VS without the editor).

Also, most code is in red because of unity specific stuff, so no intellisense suggestions or anything. Would this go away by installing unity tools for vs?

I’m just wondering if it is possible to work unity independent if I just want to code and not mess with any editor specific stuff.


Have you tried Visual Studio Code or Atom? They are IDEs (that support .net core and mono) without having to have project files. They allow you to open entire directories and (whilst I’ve never used VS code but told that it’s a better atom) Atom comes with native git support, detecting unmade changes and allowing you to commit and push changes from the context menu in the project window. As for missing references you can grab the native libraries that your unity uses from <unity install location>/Editor/Data/Managed and manually add them as references in Atom or whatever. Also, they are both hack able and multi-platform. I’m not entirely sure how well that would work but feel free to reply.