Work on Windows _11 unity 2022.3 vision pro download

hi good morning…
just ask…
can i work making an app for vision pro USING. UNIT XR on windows 11 and unity pro 2022.3 ?
i try to download VISION OS ADDON but give error.
please help
how can i work on windows 11 with [[UNITY_XR]] unity 2022.3.x and VISION PRO addon.
oviously later send the finish work for a mac chip m2 xcode
but i need to start first and all work unity XR on windows 11 on
unity. pro …please help

I’m sorry that you are hitting this. We are actively looking into this and trying to get the backend infrastructure issues resolved.

To answer some of the broader question, this will allow you to generate/update Xcode projects but on non-macOS platforms, but will not allow you to build the Xcode projects or run them. For that you will still need Apple Silicon hardware.

YES yes … perfect … just need to work on this …then export to mac m2 then export.thanks