Workaround for audio delays in Android devices

I am working on a rhythm game with unity. I want player to tap to beat. The visuals also change according to beat

I am using following method;

public void StartPlayingAudio()
        double startTime = AudioSettings.dspTime;
        samplePeriod     = 60f * audioSourceBeat.clip.frequency / musicTrackBPM;
        sampleOffset     = (60f * audioSourceBeat.clip.frequency) * 0.5f / musicTrackBPM;
        nextBeatSample   = (float)(startTime) * audioSourceBeat.clip.frequency;
    IEnumerator CountBeats()
        while (audioSourceBeat.isPlaying)
            currentSample = (float)AudioSettings.dspTime * audioSourceBeat.clip.frequency;
            if (currentSample >= (nextBeatSample + sampleOffset))
                nextBeatSample += samplePeriod;
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(0);

When I test this code on different Android devices there is significant latency. And it is changing from device to device.

Is there some workaround for this?

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