Workaround for the setresolution bug in unity 2.61 on the Mac?

For background, please see this post on the unity forums. Basically, when you call SetResolution on a Mac, it creates a new window, which makes the SetResolution pretty much completely ineffective on Mac OSX, and even game-breaking. This is a real problem for my application, as I can't use the unity resolution setter (because then I'd have no way of knowing, from the application, if the resolution had been set by unity or was still at the default, for one).

It seems a number of other people on the forums ran into this back in December/January, and it also sounds like Unity fixed the bug, but no patch has come out yet to actually let people use the fix. Has anyone else here run across this? How did you solve it or work around it?

The QA engineer from unity suggests reverting to 2.6 as a workaround, since the bug is only in 2.61. However, I just started using Unity a couple of months ago, and the only version I have is 2.61 Pro. Is there a download link somewhere for the Mac and Windows versions of Unity 2.6 (I use both)? And even if so, what was changed in 2.61 specifically? What other fixes would I be losing by reverting to 2.6? I have looked all over the unity site, but can't find information on either.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Well, Unity 3 made this obsolete.