[workaround] to purchase assets without meeting version requirements

for all people who are annoyed that they frequently need to update unity just to purchase an asset from the assetstore as it requires a newer version (was uploaded by asset creator with that version).
it seems i have discovered a workaround for this problem.
just add the asset to your wishlist by clicking on the heart icon right above the image (left of search field).
then open your wishlist by clicking on the heart icon top left of the asset store window.
click on the shopping cart icon right below the asset and fill out the purchase form.

purchasing this way seems to circumvent the version check and allows you to purchase assets which require a higher version than you have installed. when you try to purchase those assets the regular way no purchase button appears.

note: the asset may still not open properly due to version incompatibility but you can purchase now (discount) and install it later. however, an asset requiring version 4.3.2. opens fine for me in 4.3.0.
note: the asset may still not work when it requires functionality of the higher version.

does it also work for you?
does it work in the browser?
is this considered an exploit or just a workaround for missing functionality?
does it import with major version differences (ie required 4.3 imported into 4.0?).
should UT fix this?
should UT make this available right away for standard purchase?

so there seem to be not much demand for this workaround.
i also have found out that its not possible this way to download free assets as there is no checkout window when clicking on the shopping cart.
i leave this here for reference maybe someone finds it usefull at some point. but i will not "bump" it further when there is no participation (interest).