Workflow for Economy Real Money Purchases via IAP


I've gone from never having used IAP, Ads etc to trying to fully monetize my game in the last week so apologies if my questions are basic.

What is the workflow from Economy and IAP with regard to Real Money Purchases? Is it:

  • Retrieve all RMPs from Economy.
  • Grab the StoreIdentifier for a given store from the RMP item
  • Use IAP to connect to the store and retrieve the cost for the item
  • Display item to user (details from Economy, price from IAP)
  • When an item is selected use IAP to purchase the item
  • Pass the receipt to Economy for redemption
  • Grab the users Inventory items from Economy (presumably now updated with unlocked item)
  • Take whatever actions (such as update display, player etc) come as a result of purchasing something

I'm attempting to give Players the opportunity to buy skins and would appreciate understanding the workflow before getting to deep into the code.


Hi Mick,

Yes, your workflow looks correct.

It is great to see you working through this use case, working with IAP and Economy together. Please continue to share any questions or observations that you encounter, we are really interested to hear your feedback, understand your use cases and any potential friction points that slow you down.