Working on a database

Hello everyone,

I had a question quite similar to this posted before, but as I didn’t ask quite especifically and thus, didn’t get an answer to what I wanted, I’d like to reformulate my question.

In my game I need some kind of database from where scripts can get information. I want to store a serie of various tiles, each one with an ID, name, (…more properties…) and the most important thing, a field of that database must point to a prefab (or hold a value which then I can use in code to point to a prefab).

Now my question is. Does Unity have some sort of database management integrated with it? I’d like to be able to edit that database with an external software, like access, or the one that unity itself provides, if there’s something like that. If there’s not, which is likely, Can I use the builtin .NET functions that come with C#? I don’t actually know the differences between C#.NET and Monodevelop’s C#.

Moreover, how would be the best way to hold a refference to the prefab in my database? I was told the method GameObject.FindWithName() was quite CPU expensive and I want to know if there’s a better way to do this.

Thank you very much, and sorry for asking quite the same thing twice.

I think you should use the xml.
You can use either system dll following the tutorial below:
This is the most universal, but would add about 1M if you build a webPlayer, so in order use some lightweight solutions look here: