Working RESTful or Dropbox APIs

I'm trying programatically access Dropbox content via Unity. So far I've tried two open source Dropbox APIs, and neither of them work with Unity due to either bugs or certain packages not being present in Mono. So now I'm thinking I'll be happy with just a working RESTful API.

Can anyone recommend something that works with Unity? The plan is, in the end to deploy to iPhone.

PS: I know theres another thread on this subject, but I couldn't find the answers I needed in it. Also looked like it was referring to Unity 2.

You realize that you can programatically access (so read, not write) content from DropBox through Unity using only Unitys own API right? It’s a great free and reliable way to store for instance a ‘daily quote’, that you can then change yourself every day.

  1. create a txt file (notepad for instance) and write whatever you want.

  2. upload it to your public DropBox folder. Copy the url.

    var path : String = “paste_the_url_here”;
    var www : WWW = new WWW( path );
    yield www;
    Debug.Log( www.text );

And done. This can also be done for things other then text files. Have a look at the WWW class API.