Working with 2 scripts

Hi all, i am really new to unity and scripting and i am googling for this in last 2 days and i cant find answers. I have a problem with rotating object. I have a cube that i want to rotate constantly. In script that is on cube i have transform.Rotate function and it work great when i place it on void Update but i need to call it from other script with player.GetComponent().rotate();

and here is my problem, when i call it like this it rotate just 1 frame and then stop.I need it to keep rotating. I am sertainly doing something wrong but i just cant figure it out.

Here is script with rotation Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank you for helping me in advance.

Is this what you wanted.

1st script

void RotateObject(){
  //transform.Rotate function

2nd script

public firstScript; //drag your first script here

void Update(){
   firstScript.GetComponenent<NameOfTheFirstScript>(). RotateObject();

Hi Milojko.

I see the problem you are facing is you don’t completely understand how game work.

The game has big loop start from beginning to the end (when close game).
Update method runs every frame, so when rotating in Update, it rotates every frame and you get what you want.
When you move rotate to another method and call it, it just runs once when you call it.

I guess you want it to rotate if only you call a rotate and it keeps rotate in others frame after it.
Try to create a bool to save rotate state.

bool isRotate = false;

void Update()

void BeginRotate()
    isRotate = true;

void StopRotate()
    isRotate = false;

void Rotate()
    // Your code here