Working with dropbox and Git?

I’ve been working on a game recently with ~6 others who are from all over the world. Since its quite a small project we’ve been using a shared dropbox folder to work out of. The project is expanding now though and using dropbox for everything seems unsustainable. A few of the artists/environment modellers seem reluctant to make the switch and start learning how to use VCS like git with bitbucket, so we’ve been discussing the possibility of only using VCS on the scripts directory and setting up a private repository which only the programmers have access to.

I just wanted some feedback on whether or not this would work in practice?

The idea is that we set up a private repository with only the scripts directory included and each of the programmers clones this locally to their machine, then when one of the programmers wants to edit the scripts they get the latest version from bitbucket, edit the files as necessary and when they’re happy with it, commit the scripts and copy the updated files over to dropbox for testing/everyone else.

It seems like a bit of a convoluted workflow!

We have a similar workflow. The only differences are that we are using Google Drive. We have our assets split in 2 folders, one containing scripts, scriptable objects, shaders etc. the other containing all of the other assets. We use git for the first folder and we sync the other folder using Dsyncronize to sync the files from google drive and the local project. Everyone working on the project has a local copy and works on that and then sends his work to the google drive folder.