Working with Enums

I wanted to share my first devlog covering Enums in Unity. This first post is mainly an introduction to working with enums, but my next week's post will cover how to write custom PropertyDrawers for flagged enums (masked enums, combined enums, bitmask enums, etc.). And on top of that, I'll be showing how to properly write PropertyDrawers that work with multi-object selections, regardless if your Field drawer takes a SerializedProperty as a parameter.

Here's Pt. 1: Enum Basics. And as a teaser for next week, here's the PropertyDrawer in action that we'll be writing:

Let me know what you think, including any comments and criticisms. I have a vast knowledge of writing PropertyDrawers, custom Editors & Inspectors, and Editor tools that I'd love to share with the community.

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I uploaded Pt. 2, which covers making a PropertyDrawer for our flagged enums. I also included a link to my GitHub (ChronoVault), which includes the scripts used in this project and examples to follow along with. There's also a .unityPackage for the devlog, which are all of the prior scripts packaged together.