Working with fullscreen guiTextures crashes the unityapp...

Hi, i have loaded 72 pngs in my unity iphone project. Every graphic has the full size of 480x320. In the texture-import-settings ive set it to PVRTC 2bits RGB. Instead of the initial 100KB, now the inspector shows memory of 50KB for each texture. The maximum size of the texture is 1024. For every texture ive created an GUITexture-object. If i start deploying my unity app directly to my iphone, its crashed down and i get the xcode error message "Programm received signal: "0".

In another thread i read that an unity app could use up to 25MB before its crashed down. But i think im under these 25MB? What can i do? Is there the possibility to show how much memory my unityapp is using? (My unity stats window shows "1.8MB (of 256MB)". Im using the iphone 3GS. I have to add, that i have only one graphic is shown at the same time-> stats windows: 1 Drawcall.

My stats window:

Thanks for your time..

EDIT: Ive looked into the unity-editor-log-files for the asset size: My textures have an uncompressed size of 600kb for each one and 42.2MB for all 72 pngs. So why does the inspector shows a memory usage of 50KB if i click on a graphic? What do i have to do to compress all textures?

First of all PVRTC can not compress your textures if their dimensions are not power-of-two - you should get warnings while importing.

Second look for Troubleshooting section in the Unity iPhone manuals - it should describe how you can retrieve crash-report which will tell you why it actually crashed. Otherwise it is just a guesswork.

Make your textures 512x512, and just pad out the unused space beyond 480x320.

the 25mb would apply to iphone 3G / itouch 2nd gen and older only (unless your iphone 3GS wasn't restarted for quite a while).

within this border also the 12 - 19mb of unity will have to fit (depending on what you use and if you own pro for stripping and can use stripping)

XCode will give you a reason on why it crashed btw if you run it from there in debug mode. if you see memory warnings in there, then you know that you went to far. but you might also find nullreference exceptions in there (resulting in exc_bad_access error) for example or taking longer than 20s to load something in which case the watch dog service of the iOS will kill your application for "being crashed / stuck / too long unresponsive"