Working with huge textures?

I’m working on a space ahooter, and I don’t want planets to look just like oversized “balls” in space. So I decided to use a second camera for drawing thr background, with low FOV so everything is large in its view. I placed a planet in the scene, and I got what I wanted, it really feel like you are above a real planet’s surface. The problem is the texture is pixelerated as hell. I used a 70mp image, yet I get giant pixel squares on the planet.

Do you have any recommendation to solve this problem? Currently I’m planning to use many many smaller mesh instead of one large sphere to render the planet, each “tile” will be the size where the 8192x8192 texture piece would excatly fit.

What do you think, will it work? Or do you have any other idea to render a really huge spehere to give real planet size feeling?

While its never really ideal to make such a giant object, One solution would be to use a tiled texture. All you would need is a texture that is seamless, or looping.

One thing you need to understand about textures and in general 3D, is making the texture size massive will not always make the quality (clarity) go up.

If a 8000>px texture is only ever going to take up a small section of the screen, which is probably at 1000~px then why make it so big?

You should use smaller textures, and swap to a higher detailed texture (and model) when getting closer, look up LOD for more detail on this solution.

A good quality texture will display as good quality whatever the size, you do not need to go above 4k textures to achieve high clarity.

One thing to note is using a massive texture and showing it as a small size will actually decrease its quality and show it as pixelated.

I recommend using smaller textures, and pay attention to the import settings to ensure the quality of the texture is preserved.