Working with large terrains, small brush size

I am trying to create a large terrain (20,000 x 20,000 units). The character which we are importing has been scaled to a small size of 0.04 units. So its a tiny character in a huge map. I am trying to create an open environment with trees and mountains (a landscape). However the smallest brush size is still quite big (1 unit). Is there any way to reduce the size of brush even more so i can achieve a finer level of control over elevating and altering the terrain?

You can’t reduce the brush size past 1 unit (it’s like painting 1/2 a pixel.) But, you can increase the number of units, which makes them smaller:

(Top button)Terrain->SetResolution->HeightMapResolution. Double to get finer resolution (it has to be a power of 2, plus 1.) It remakes the heightmap array, which destroys your existing terrain heights.

You may need a different approach. Proportionately, it’s like a map of the UnitedStates and Canada. An entire gig of terrain (32,000 x 32,000) will give squares that appear 15 meters wide to the player.