Working with UI makes both editor and game view jump between 1x and 2x scale.

Hi guys, it is really hard to describe what is exactly going on.

I think it is an editor bug and I can’t seem to fix it. I am working with a retina MacBook Pro running OSX Sierra. My Unity version is 5.4.1f1.

Every time I change the size or position of a UI element the game view jumps to display my UI in 2x size. Or the editor view jumps from my current zoom level to 50%. In the game view every 3D element stays 1x size but the elements on my canvas.

It makes it impossible to design the UI correctly, because my reference game view changes after every adjustment I make.

Has anybody experienced similar problems? Is there a fix for it? If I failed to described what’s going on I can post a video or GIF of it later.


Please record a gif and file a bug report!