Workround for video streaming (ios)

Is there a way? I would like to implement something like AppCircle Clips… I could maybe make a plugin… BUT if I can´t stream video… then its no use?

Can someone enlighten me?


I thought you could stream but it would have to be full screen. If you can get individual frames (bitmaps) you can just display those sequentially. Sound sync is another matter.

These links may help:

Sounds like, no, probably not. I would try to use a WWW object to download the file, and see if you can play it locally, but it sounds like Apple’s policy would be to disallow that. One more reason to hate Apple.

But in the specs of the software (for IOS and Android) you can’t STREAM from the NET… what ever that means…
If it means you can’t stream videos from the internet, then you can’t implement AppCircle Clips… so that is one less way to make money of the apps you make.

Is that right? No App Circle Clips with Unity??

Any helpful answers are welcome, thanks.