Works in Unity Remote 5 but not on Phone

public float shakeThreshold= 1;

    void Update()
            if(Input.acceleration.magnitude >= shakeThreshold)
                Invoke("Throw", 0.7f);

I have a basic code that when I phone invoke the throw method.
It works perfectly fine in unity remote 5 but when I build the game and play on my phone it doesn’t work.

what is the issue here: the code, unity remote or my phone?

Make sure that you have enabled the “Accelerometer” capability in the Player Settings. This is necessary for your application to be able to access the device’s accelerometer.

@AshwinTheGammer Thank you for your answer but I can’t find the “Accelerometer” capability in the Player Settings. only accelerometer option in the settings is in UWP settings. Its accelerometer frequency and this setting is set to 60 Hz. I’m using Unity 2021.3.7f1