World Builder from Unity Asset Store

I recently downloaded the World Builder asset:

The only problem is that I have absolutely no clue how to use it. The ReadMe is corrupted. I have tried re-downloading it and it didn’t help. Does anyone know how to use it or could someone point me to a link that explains how to use it?



Generating new world
1. Place new terrain gameobject into scene
a. GameObject – Create Other –Terrain
2. Open WorldBuilder
a. Window - World Builder
3. Setup terrain values and hit “Generate”

Setting up textures
1. Hit “Add texture” button
2. Browse for new texture file
3. Setup
a. Tilesize affects texture mapping on terrain
b. Height curve
i. x-axel : terrain height
ii. y-axel: texture strength

Pic 1 The higher terrain gets, more texture strength

----------------------- Page 2-----------------------

c. Angle curve
i. x-axel: steepness
ii. y-axel: texture strength
d. Hit assign new textures to see effects on terrain
e. Thinks textures as layers, new layers will overlay previous layers

Not seeing the different textures after 10 minutes

There is a worldbuilder option in the window menu

I used Photoshop to open it, I found it was only 2 pages and not really very informative.