World particles collider scriptable?

Hi everybody

How can i access to world particles collider parameters by a c# script? I hope that this is possible.


Sorry…no answer.
I’ve just had the same question and after some hours of testing. I really think it’s simply not implemented and we can’t access the parameters.
But it would be nice to hear something official about this issue.

My last test…

    Debug.Log("-> [WorldParticleCollider]");
    object wpc = (object)gameObject.GetComponent("WorldParticleCollider");
    Type typ = wpc.GetType();
    Debug.Log("-> Type: " + typ.Name);
    Debug.Log("-> [Members]");
    System.Reflection.MemberInfo[] mem = typ.GetMembers();
    Debug.Log("--> Count: " + mem.Length);
    foreach (System.Reflection.MemberInfo nfo in mem)
        Debug.Log("---> " + nfo.Name);

…spits just out the standart component parmeters.