World Space Canvas renders over everything : Vive Focus 3

I am having a problem in builds of my application, where on restart of the app in the headset a world space canvas renders over everything else in the scene. (not consistently). I cannot seem to replicate the problem in the editor.

Things I have tried to fix the problem:

  • Changing the sorting layer of the canvas
  • Changing the layer the canvas is on
    from UI to Default
  • Putting the canvas in a sorting layer

Other maybe helpful notes:

  • it only happen when the user is about
    3 feet away from the UI, then it just
    disappears completely (this only
    happens when the bug is happening)

I am working in Unity 2021.2.11.f1- URP
Using Vive Wave XR Plugin 4.3.0-r.5 and the Vive Focus 3 headset.

It seems like setting the canvas layer order to -1 has solved the problem for now.