World Space UI Text not displaying properly

I am using Unity 5+ and trying to add a world space UI Canvas over my gameobject to show text, score etc.
But the UI text is not showing properly, it is blurry. It works fine when I user normal canvas.
Can it be the scaling issue? I have set the canvas width and height to 10, render mode to world space.
I have attached the screenshot of the issue.

Please share some info and canvas setting so I can fix this.



I have fixed the issue by adjusting the “dynamic pixel per unit” of the Main parent canvas.
By default it is set to 1, I changed it to 100 and the text is displaying properly now also the "reference pixel per unit " is set to 1.


I know this is an old post, but if it can help anybody in the future here you go. Using “dynamic pixel per unit” is one way to do it, but you end up losing control over the size of the text. The right way to do it is to set the height and width of the canvas to the resolution you want, then you SCALE down the canvas using the slider x,y,z. By setting Scale x,y,z to a small number and letting the height and width to a resolution, let’s say 800x800 you’ll be able to see your text and change the text’s size freely.

If this doesn’t works, try to make the text, child of an image. Rather putting the text directly in the Canvas.