World to canvas space?

The canvas appears to act like a camera but since it doesn’t have a camera component on it, I don’t know how to convert between world and canvas space. Is there some way to do this?


Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(Vector3 pos)

somehow i don’t understand this.

Vector3 worldMousePos = Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(Input.mousePosition);
Vector3 myMousePosition = new Vector2(worldMousePos.x, worldMousePos.y);
Debug.Log("Pos X: " + myMousePosition.x + "Pos Y: " + myMousePosition.y);

If i use it i get unreal high numbers as x and y coordinates what are far more then my screen size is.

Output in console:
Pos X: 40678.83, Pos Y: 29981.22

This dosent seem to me they are mouse coordinates on my screen… Or do i not understand this at all?