Worldspace UI contents scale issues when moved along Z axis

Currently I am working on a UI for VR games that renders the screen in world space. Currently everything is working with the system however I am running into a bizzar bug. The contents of the UI are managed by layouts and all works fine on that front but when I adjust the UI along the Z axis the content scale changes ether becoming larger the closer the window gets to the camera. I have however tested this in game and adjusted the Z axis manually and everything works fine but on initialization if the Z axis isn’t close to 10 the scale is off. The contents X, Y and Z components all say that their scale is 1 despite them now being to large or to small to fit the window. Is this a bug with unity or are you not supposed to use layout options on world space UIs?

So I was experimenting with this and I found that after bringing the UI into a new scene the bugs stopped occurring so must have been with that scene.

check to see if your in world view or local etc
that may have been issue