Would 64 bit Unity engine elements work in a 32 bit OS machine?

I have several questions that fulfill my main question.

  1. Would 32 bit plugins work on a 64 bit Unity installation?
  2. If I were to export a game made with a 64 bit Unity engine, would the 64 bit plugins work on a 32 bit operating system machine?
  3. Would making a game in the 64 bit Unity installation be 100 percent compatible with 32 bit OS machines?
  4. Would 32 bit assets work on a 64 bit Unity installation and vice versa?
  5. Is it better to work with a 32 bit Unity installation for full compatibility with 32 bit machines?

Thank you for reading!

1.) What exactly do you mean by a “32 bit plugin”? Most Unity plugins are simply scripts, so you compile them from source when you build your game and they’ll target the right architecture automatically. If you mean a pre-compiled native DLL, that will have to match the architecture of your target platform.

2.) No.

3.) Yes, assuming you set the target architecture as 32bit in the build settings.

4.) Again, what do you mean by a “32 bit asset”? An asset can be a C# script, a shader, a model, a texture - none of these are architecture-specific and will work exactly the same on x86/x64.

5.) No, see the answer to 3.) above.