Would a rotate and rebake mesh tool be useful for all the time Unity and 3D models don't line up?

This could save a lot of transforms that developers like me add to line things up with a zero rotation.

Also this would save developers from having to change the 3D model then re-import the mesh as this always seems like a guessing game which XYZ rotation matches Unity's default.

If there was a rotate/translate/scale and re-bake mesh option in Unity it could save a lot of jumping between apps and the RTS data could be stored with the model data in Unity so any changes would flow through and work in the asset pipeline.

Thank you...!!!

Something like this is not very difficult to write and might already be implemented as a part of ProBuilder or something else.

Normally you do not guess the rotation, you already know it.

Also... I believe that Fbx Import settings cover some of this. "Convert Units" and "Bake Axis Conversion".

This is a repost of someone else's post (AcidArrow I believe?)