Would a spawnpoint with the subcomponent of RigidBody cause instantiate problems?

My theory is at the inception the spawned prefab would immediately be deflected into a fly away trajectory instead of a static start up. I don’t want to start ripping my components apart to find this illusive situation.
At present I have spawnpoints that have subcomponents of rigidbody. The spawnpoint is static, it is locked in place. When I instantiate a shooter at the spawnpoint it immediately bounces off into an all axis spin frenzy. I do have a lock down function on a button to stop this rotation but I do not want to bandage a wound with cleaning up the problem.
Anybody run into this? TIA.

I’ve had a similar problem, though you should just test it. That is colliders are one sided, so you likely will not have any trouble if what Instantiate() inside the collider. If you do have a problem, you can use Physics.IgnoreCollision() or your can place object on different layers and set how the layers interact. There are other solutions as well depending on the situation.

One of the children had a sphere collider! Doops! Removed it and the instantiation stays in place till I move it.
Most of the times it is the smallest of burrs under the saddle that cause the horse to buck.
Thank you to the people that answered in on this and the viewers.