Would it be possible to build Unity projects from Linux?

I know that Linux is supported from Unity 4.0 as publishing platform, and that the IDE is not supported on this OS. But would it be possible to build projects on Linux using command line native tools or mono xbuild?


Short answer is no.

Long answer is:

In theory you can already develop the code in Linux using any C# or Javascript IDE or text editor. (VIM)

The problem is that the workflow in unity, partly because of the debugger being inside Unity itself, and partly because of the inspector friendly interface Unity offers, requires you have Unity3D actually installed (which as far as I know isn’t possible without Emulating either MacOSX+ or Windows).

You can however have people make .dll files or even just submit code changes to a version control system just like you would with any other programming project. It just wouldn’t be a very integrated experience and you would need Unity3d installed somewhere else to build out the code.

I’ve had people work on code without Unity installs before and put them into .dll files ready to be used as a “plugin” for Unity.