Would it be possible to make an in-browser game?

An links to further information regarding putting or creating your game for in browser would be greatly appreciated as well.

Sure, Unity3D supports the making of pure browser games.

Under the build settings window in the Unity IDE you have the option of setting the platform to “web player”.

Any game made in Unity3D which is run in browsers require the browser to have the Unity web player installed, which can be downloaded here:
Unity Web Player

Much like you need Flash to view flash content on websites, and so on… live demonstrations which you can try out yourself right in your browser can be found here:
Live web player examples

Furthermore it is with Unity 4.0 even possible to export your games to the flash player, so it is recognized purely as a flash game :slight_smile:

More official information of Unity game development using the web player can be found here:
web development with unity

Yeah sure! Why not? I have made completely browser-based online gaming website. There I have used Unity3D to develop those games. But you must tell your users to install Unity Web player, otherwise, the games might not work. I won’t recommend exporting as flash game because Unity offers much more graphics options.

Hope that Helps!

Christy Taut, Game Dev @ Ben 10 Games Online