Would you skip Steam (ai)? They can refuse your game for being AI-helped/made

Hi there! Just a 2 c. This is becoming out of hand (exaggeration)…no?


Would you skip Steam? Since, they refuse game with AI, for fear of being sued.
They have gone on a AI-policing rampage, policing games in anti-AI spree…if your game has generative AI stuff in it; they won’t accept your game because of the risk of them being sued for possible copyright infringement (that you don’t have the rights to this generated AI art). Understandable, yes; We already knew…but this is continuing unabatted and Steam is having fun? refusing games that, to them, use AI. They are lucky to be this big, because it is a luxury (they can afford); otherwise, many would leave them.

This is kind of …has been going on for whole year; you may think it’s the moral good thing for them to protect theirselves…which partly true; it nonetheless forces devs to re-think…if they refuse us…then, We, have to refuse, Them. After all, no AI.
If they refuse your game, best is go direct, skip Steam, not worth anymore; Epic or direct on your website (or at worse, itch.io, googleplay…as (bad) alternatives).
If you are scared (understandably) and will remove the AI…until Steam accepts your game…ok…but what if they don’t?..I mean, you could spend an eternity trying to sift through 100000s of assets to find 1single AI made one-they could ask you to remove stuff…until they are Fully Certain there is nottthing of AI…in your game…-that could be long. I suppose that for many, it’s not a problem; because they don’t make games for Steam (no need to-deal with them); but, for others, it is a problem if you use AI and you had, hoped, to go on Steam; and your game is big(ger);-not microgame. Yes, it comes with it…we know; but, many are finding this free ‘Hassle’, thanks to Steam. If you think:: '‘If you can’t be ‘assed…to remove them, after asked…you should not make a game-or release it there…you’re Wrongg Dishonet; &sour grapes/salty’’;…Ì guess, we have a different view on AI/game dev…This Steam bs will start to pit devs against each other in some AI morale crusade. I guess, that leaves Epic and doing it Direct (it is sad, that Unity, does not make any Unity Games Store…like Epic)…I tihnk people start to really fathom abandon/skipping-Steam; yes, a lot of money there; not, if they refuse your game out right; ‘‘you have to understand, they are law-protecting theirselves’’. ‘‘Just change the assets - voilà problem fixed.’’; yeah…no.We do change things; but there is maximum about this. Devs are now (at the mercy) cowtowing to this grand company…because $$$, that’s it; they own the pc game market (quasimonoply). You saw how people all ‘went against Unity…’ with its price changes…yetnohing happening, to Steam, ironic, keeping a low profile, getting richer by the sec and ‘refusing devs’ that all want a piece of it (it’S fun/dandy when you are this–wanted)…the perfect game platform; without flaws; that All gamers love; of course. It’s starting to be Devs VS Steam…like it was Devs VS Unity…a month ago.
‘‘No, no…it’s just you (the, problem);…change your stolen AI assets if not thief…or perish/get refused (or face legal infringement lawsuit). (you/the) problem fixed (that’s all). Nobody else will go on Steam…with AI; just you (too crazy/or (too) dumb) or unvirtuous/unrighteous - on your conscience’’. Right…must be it.
Am, in no right; unvirtuous, AI copyright-infringing user.
Thanks for reading, just a 2 cents.

PS: It seems that, it is as if, AI started too quick; and we are not using lawful AI; and, we can only wait, before using it; to make use of lawful-AI (like…using AI…that uses a database…that legit belongs to the owner…and is not ‘sourced’ from every source on internet…without consent/permission; so, as to avoid copyirght legal ramifications); since Steam will refuse your game, unless you change (i.e ‘remove’) the illegit AI content that they deem could be copyright infringement; then, you have to skip Steam (and do direct selling of your game. on your website; which is worse; but what is worse…no Steam or your website…not removing AI and not having Steam?..Or remove them, and get on Steam; some will not feel it still worth it. Yes, it’s not just Steam that can have a problem with AI…being sued by someone else having problem with using AI generated stuff…that’s for sure; but what are the Chances…vs Steam refusing your game; let’s say, Steam is very likely to refuse your game; and the chances of being sued; outside; are muchh smaller; because you are basically alone; Steam is known…everyone, and your mother, and your dog…goes there. Not, your direct website. Which, of course, is not as good; for ‘visibility’; but that’S another matter (marketing…attracting them…to your website; via marketing your game).
That Steam wish to protect theirself and work with laws/be legit…is totally understandable; what is also understandable; is that many devs will be refused; this means the devs must skip/abandon Steam or go direct; because Steam has no qualms of refusing you (remember, they are protecting theiself from lawsuit); you can also protect yourself…from them, by skipping them/abandoning this company.
They may have a change of heart…if many leave. After all… it’s all down to the penny$. Not that they will infringe…but they will realize some other company decided to take (some) risks about this…and willing to protect the devs; defend them; Steam. does not want that…beause mooch and swimming/sitting in money pile/scared of losing some if lawsuit. Turbosquid did a sort of ‘insurance protection’ when you buy some 3D asset…you are protected by about 20,000-50,000$ against AI lawsuit…as buyer of the model. Of course, it would be costly, if tons of lawsuit happened; but, it’s clear, the big companies are very scared that they could lose much more; should an artist sue them…for selling very infringing AI stuff. Then, you tell yourself: ‘‘Why should I give my money to Steam…or my time…or anything…’’. ‘‘They will refuse my AI content game’’. If you hate AI and want devs to disappear, those that use so; then you are part of the problem (also); ‘‘No no, I use no AI; am ANTI-Ai…or, only, ‘Correct Legit AI’’…’'. It’s sad because probably many other games are going to be refused because of this; and they will end up on itch.io cemetery or some other (albeit, now Steam…is, also, Steam cemetery of games (that died there).
If you buy AI stuff…remember; Steam doesn’t want you. 2 c.


This thread might be useful: FYI: Steam currently rejecting games with AI content - #8 by Bill_Cullen

Glad you got that off your chest? :grin:
TBH I agree it’s a pain with Steams latest policies. I think they are just being ultra careful at the moment. But Steam is not the be-all-and-end-all of computer games. And you are right, new markets will emerge that specialise in games with AI. I’m not sure where yet… itch.io is a good choice but I think they have a maximum file size for games. There is also the Epic Game Store (not sure about their AI polices) and of course you can just host your game on an independent website (like Minecraft did before it was bought by Microsoft).

In my view the situation will resolve itself similar to how YouTube dealt with copyright. So my advice would be sit tight, learn as much AI as you can, and wait until the markets open up again. It’s not like they can turn back the tide of AI…

EDIT (2024): Steam has made some slight changes (but not really) basically, they just reaffirmed that the generated AI assets if used in a game, must be legit or you can’t put your game on their store; …something we already knew.

But, there is a silver lining, which is that they now allow AI to be used in your game on the store – Officially; I mean, they already did, but you had to ‘prove’ that if you did use AI, taht you owned the commercial license rights to them…

Now, Valve/Steam, have decided to sort of, make you/force you to put ‘AI’ on your Steam page…if you have it in your game; so people know you have AI, and Steam is letting pretty much all AI…generated etc…etc ‘adult’ AI (sexual games for adult, made with AI); but, yeah, it’S not all rosy; they even let Steam users ‘call on you’ if you put AI in your game and report you, or something…like, litterally, making people/customers ‘police’…the devs…for illegit AI. This is Steam continuously doing everything against devs…it makes me laugh when I hear/read people say: ‘‘Steam…For Devs…you can release your game there…’’…Nope, Steam left town, now, the ‘indie dev’ Steam…is gone. Now, indie dev putting their games there, are simply asking/begging an overlord(overfed monster); a Quasi-monopoly; it makes me laught when they Actually address indie devs…like…serious?..itch.io at this point, seems way better – when in fact, it’s atrocious – selling wise (1/10th - 1/100th selling potential of Steam there; the paying customers, don’t exist there; the paying customers, only exist on Steam); If you put your game on Itch.io, you won’t make anything; and yes, you can put your game on several platforms…in the end, the only (Really) one that will matter (financially) will be Steam. It’S now, Steam or nothing.

One more thing, Epic/EGS, now have a ‘First run program’…exclusivity thing; but, they basically—abandonned old–exclusive/lump sum that they did in the past; now, there is no reason to put your game on EGS because they Removed the exclusivity lump sumy payment (an Advance); the lump sum payment removed the ‘risk’ of making nothing on Steam…now, the risk falls again on Devs…since, this program offers 100% revenues …if sticking for 6months time exclusive…but they saying is: ‘‘100% of 0 copies sold…is still 0$.’’ So, in a sense, your game would not sell on EGS, at all, and I don’t know how much devs sold on EGS, but it varied from 1/10th of Steam, to some devs, actually sold a lot (like 700,000 copies or something - sold on EGS); but, these are the Star Indies…or AA games. Now, small indies in general. I.e. why ‘cut’ yourself audience by releasing on EGS…when you know no one is going to buy your game there; or not very many; it may end up that EGS…is about ‘itch.io’ in terms of selling copies (less than 1000 copies sold, which makes a micro-revenue).

So, I think, this where you think (I spoke about this before), : Do I skip them all?..

I mean, it sounds Worse to skip them all…and just do ‘Direct Approach’ seeling your game as Exclusive-Ly Available Only on your Website, and nowhere else.

Many devs, of course and understandably, will say: ‘‘I tried and sold nothing, could not make audience come to website…was forced to release on STeam…to get Any (noteworthy) sells/any serious revenue…’’. In that case, it makes sense to go on Steam…but I said before that you should do Steam - Later…not Before…as in, by doing a Direct Approach, you leave your door open to go to Steam Later—but, the Reverse/Inverse…never works; (as in, releasing your game on Steam…and it makes nothing…and so, you think, I will sell my game ‘Off-Steam’ now…‘’ no, it will sell nothing – outside Steam…because no one wanted your game - On Steam. Steam is the ‘market pulse’…of customers; so if your game fails there…it, likely, fails everywhere else. 2 c…

PS: You can use AI, on Steam, but, me I am now, after the continuous developments – that help customers…but don’t help (Really) devs…it’s like, why put your game there, Steam takes 30% of your money…now is a money pit even if they ahve 150 million users…; it’s like it force us to make our game Exclusive to One Place, and that’S our website. (Yes, selling a game outside steam is hard…but Some Did Make It…you need an excellent/stellar/executed game…that people Want…and make them come; via marketing; which, is, no small task; but, some did, and were successes; wihtout any itch io any Steam any EGs…). Essentially, the fact of ‘having’ to put your game on Steam forces dev into ‘Steam Risk’…the EGS exclusivity (long ago) payment removed that risk; you could ‘live financially/peace of mind…oh sure some gamersTM would hate you for doing exclusivelumpsum…advance; but your Business *Survived…and sure, no one might buy your game on EGS; but you still got paid and lived another 6 months to tell…; that’S what gamers never understood; some companies did do that; and later put their tgames on Steam - Also; it made – No difference that the company did a lump sum exclusive with EGS; ‘back then’…and Now, it’s over; and they are ‘going to Steam’…it was just gamers ‘having a problem with devs taking exclusives’; the company - Still Exists/Floats - thanks to this exclusive lump sum…not ‘Steam Audience’ that your game did not make all that much (I would Even wager; that several games, would have made much Less on Steam; vs the exclusive payment; hence, they were right, the upfront payment was way better than ‘possibly selling on Steam’, a gamble); if Steam gamers don’t like all that much your game…it’S when you connect the dots and realize that the old exclusivity acutally protected you and reduced your ‘0 copie sold – Risk’ when no ones or very few people actually like your game/want it…On Steam;…because it is 100% like that on Steam (and other places too); just risk. Nowm that the EGS exclusive is over…you can forget EGS; unless, you are star indie/AA large game (you might sell 10-100,000 copies…but even there, you might not; you might not even sell 100 copies, on EGS; making it, now, futile, because it has a much smaller gamer audience, than Steam; especially ‘Buying’/Purchasing/Paying customer…that’s only on Steam); so, it means, you must make them come elsewhere (Your place, not Steam) and tell them, they will not get your game there; your game is exclusive to you, elsewhere; you can then ‘gauge the level of interest/wanting it’…if they come or not, after marketing your game to them. Some will, ofcourse, refuse to come because ‘No Steam = No Buy.’’; but, all in all, it’s better that way; they are not your intended audience anyway (yes, that could be a Large chunk of people; but, what do you want…try Steam…and your game fails…miserably (makes ramen/mcdonald’s wage); of try something else).

Just a question: you said about generative AI ART being forbiden in steam, but i dont use too much AI-made art in games. What steam says about AI-generated code? sometimes i use AI for help into my code (or even use AI-generated code for help other ones here, in discussions!), but that i use a lot. Steam said something about AI making code? Technically, i written it, AI just helped me, so i still own it, but still will be AI content in my game. Will steam allow it?

Note: please, make text more readable, is a pain for read in this mess without symbols (e.g., . , ? ! “”), some enters, or some basic formatting, principally in large texts, such as these.

In any case, i never published a game, so everything i would need to do is to create my game, and publish it in others, such as itch.io (which i never entered, and also, i just entered in steam for see how publishing would work, but never played games in it… im making games, im in right place?), or i could do as Minecraft, make my own site for it