Wrap a group of EditorGUI.TextField, inside a Rect

I would like to loop through a collection of strings, and output an EditorGUI.TextField for each one.

However, I would like them to start wrapping onto a new line, once they reach the edge of their containing Rect.

Is there a more elegant solution to this, maybe through using GUIStyles and/or layout groups? Or will I have to control for this behavior manually.

I wound up using a ‘SelectionGrid’

public class CM_ActiveSelectionChildren : DisplayUI
    public SelectionChildrenNames SelectionChildrenNames; //This encapsulates an array of strings

    int newSelectionInt;
    public override void Display()
        GUILayout.BeginArea(UIRect); //UIRect comes from the base class
        newSelectionInt = GUILayout.SelectionGrid(newSelectionInt,
            SelectionChildrenNames.names, 5);